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Types of Claims in Insurance


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Types of Claims in Insurance

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hurricane wind damage

Wind Damage Claims

Including hurricanes, tornados, tropical storms, & hail storms. During a catastrophic event insurance companies are overwhelmed & subsequently underpay claims.

We know how to file claims during these stressful times. And we know exactly how it should be presented to maximize your compensation.

Commercial Losses Claims

Business & commercial losses include damages to condominiums, apartment / residential buildings, hotels / motels, shopping malls, industrial buildings, etc.

Our team thoroughly analyzes the damages, and prepares a comprehensive estimate with expert-supported documentation, as needed.

commercial insurance claims

Floods Claims

This damage is caused by rising water and handled by the National Flood Insurance Program.

Mold Damage Claims

This type of policy has specific language & limitations to its coverage. We investigate the mold’s cause and origin to properly report the claim.

Our claims adjusters spare you delays, under compensation, and even potential issues that could easily go unnoticed.

theft vandalism claims adjuster miami

Theft & Vandalism Claims

These types of losses include burglary, home invasions, marijuana grow houses, & tenant malicious mischief. The insurance company may have placed limits or exclusions on these claims to minimize the scope of coverage provided.

We’re well versed on these limitations and know how to best navigate them to maximize your benefits.

Fire Damage Claims

From small to complete devastation, fires can wreak havoc on your property and health. Aside from damage to possessions, smoke & soot could also pose serious long-term health concerns.

We analyze & prepare detailed estimates for all fire damages to obtain the best possible settlement on your behalf.

fire damage
roof leaks

Roof Leaks Claims

Leaky roofs allow water to spread quickly through the walls and even into the floors. Ceilings made of drywall and plaster, are usually not waterproof. When they get wet, mold and mildew fester.

We’re experts submitting roof leak claims. Let us assess yours to optimize your recovery.

Plumbing Leaks Claims

Water damage can be the result of a burst pipe, overflow / backup of the drain system, shower pan failure, or a leaky appliance.

Our team is highly experienced in handling plumbing claims. We know how to maximize your recovery.

plumbing leaks